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10 Simple Genealogy Tips for Norwegians with Family in USA

  1. Getting Started Ask family members what they know or recall of your family history. Keep notes and records of all information (names ~ places ~ dates) Look at all old pictures, post cards and letters for clues.
  2. Begin Searching Once you have your information compiled, begin your search for ancestors and family members leaving Norway to America.

    a) Leaving Norway ~ Digitalarkivet - http://digitalarkivet.uib.no

    b) Arriving in America ~ Ellis Island ~ 1892 - 1924 www.ellisisland.org

    c) www.norwayheritage.com/ships/ Don’t forget to read the Original Ellis Island Manifest. You will find a lot of clues there!
  3. Census After finding your Ancestors or family members in Ellis Island, start to look in the U.S. Census.

    Ancestry.com www.ancestry.com
    Genealogy.com http://genealogy.com/index_r.html

    The above websites are paid subscription only, but RootsWeb.com has a tremendous amount of free sites that can get you on your way www.rootsweb.com. Observe in the census the information listed in the columns. (Martial Statues, Naturalization, Children etc). All of this information will further your search.
  4. Social Security Index http://ssdi.genealogy.rootsweb.com After you find your Ancestors or family members in the U.S. Census, you can look for them in the Social Security Index. (Use the advance section). There you will be able to search with as little or as much information you have gathered. Read Roots Web’s Guide to tracing family tree www.rootsweb.com/~rwguide/lesson10.htm
  5. Continue Your Search With the above information, you should be able to continue tracking your Ancestors or family members whereabouts. Start looking for Marriage, Birth and Death Records. Just about every State has their own website for information on how you can obtain a copy of these records. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Website has many vital records online. www.familysearch.org
  6. Land and Property Records Many States have their own websites for land and property ownership (past and present). Here is one that you may find of interest www.glorecords.blm.gov/visitors/StateResearch.asp
  7. Evidence and Proof = Documentation Always have original documents or records. With this evidence, you are showing proof of your lineage. Examples of this are: Birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, deeds and other land records and probate records and wills.
  8. Search Around There are tons of free genealogy websites, be adventurous and search around. Google is an excellent search engine you can begin with www.google.com
  9. Participation Join and participate in Genealogy Organizations. Exchange information, share resources and offer ideas. Remember, others are looking for the same thing as you…. family! www.disnorge.no
  10. Last but not least Enjoy this wonderful journey ~ from the very beginning to the very end!


Good luck!