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DIStreff is:

  • An opportunity to get in touch with others who research the same as you do
  • An opportunity to find out if other genealogists work with your family
  • Get feedback to improve your data.

DIStreff is not:

  • A site for presenting  the complete result of your research
  • Complete list of members families
  • A source in the usual sense - all data are contributions from individuals and stand for their own expense

To participate:


DIStreff - FAQ

Why can't I logon onto DIStreff/Gedtreff?

Login on main site (www.disnorge.no)  is not for all of the services at DIS for the time beeing. Login for DIStreff is on searchpage (green button).  Even if you can log into site on main page you'll not be able to login to DIStreff or Gedtreff before your membership is registered payed. This normally happens a day or two after payment has been made. Any issues regarding payment should be handled by staff at mainoffice. Forgotten password, no problem!


Can I match my data against DIStreff?

Any member of DIS (Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland) can submit their own data. We only accept data from gedcom files, more infomation on how to make or send data see HowTo join*) and  Submit data*)



Delta på DISchat med IRC-program installert på din egen PC

Etterhvert som du blir fast deltaker på DISchat, kan det være en fordel å laste ned et eget chat-program som ligger på maskina di. Da vil du få bedre funksjonalitet enn med det Java-baserte programmet pjIRC, som ligger på websida vår.

Det finnes utallige IRC-klienter så det får være opp til hver enkelt å finne en som passer dem. Vi vil likevel foreslå en som fungerer i alle operativsystemer:

  • ChatZilla: Dette er et program som er enkelt å bruke når man har kommet i gang. Mange bruker dette programmet på DISchat, delvis fordi man da også kan se bilder av de man snakker med (mer om det nedenfor).

Dette behøver du å vite for å bruke et eget IRC-program:


Eidsvoll, Hurdal & Feiring

Ekstraskatten 1762 for Eidsvoll, Hurdal & Feiring

Avskrifter utført av Trond Øivindsson Lunde. Kari Thingvold har avfotografert de originale listene på Riksarkivet. De finner du her

Ekstraskatten 1762 finner du beskrevet i lokalhistoriewiki.no og i Wikipedia

Ekstraskatten: av- og tilgang flyttede 1762-72

Ekstraskatten: døde 1762-72

Ekstraskatten: fylt 12 år 1762-64

Vaksinerte i Eidsvoll & Hurdal

Erlend E Mæhlum har avfotografert originalmaterialet, Trond Øivindsson Lunde har stått for avskriftene.



On this page and underlying pages you will find various genealogical sources. This might be sources adapted by DIS-Norge and various external contributions.

DIS-Norge contributes willingly to permanent publishing and storage of digitized sorces, like scanned documents, protocols of different types or other forms of digitized material. Contact  webmaster if you have any material that you would like to publish and store in this fashion.

Use the left sidemenu to navigate in the different sources available..


Styrets arbeidsutvalg

DIS-Norges arbeidsutvalg for perioden 2014-2016 består av:



In this menu item you will find information and advice on how you can start or expand your genealogy. If you go to Genealogical tools you will find information about tools that can help you in your search for information about your relatives.

A number of the menu items here are 10 tip for a specific geographical area. They are ment as help for beginners, but should also give information to researchers who are searching for ancestors or distant relations in another country. Genealogy in other countries isn't always done the same way as you might be used to when researching where you are.


Useful information for beginners

When you register as a member of DIS-Norge, we offer a quick, free introduction in genealogy, from one of our experienced members. This will be done  by e-mail. The purpose with this offer is to help you get started with your genealogy research. This way you will get to know wich tools and services DIS-Norge can offer you, and also other supporting materials from books to websites that is out there. To utilize this offer send a e-mail to veiledning@disnorge.no, where you can type what you wish to get help with. Remember to include your name and membership number.

This offer is only valid the first 12 months after you register.

In the menu to the left you will find useful tip about genealogy. Not only in Norway, but also in a number of other countries, where Norwegians have ancestors from or relation in.


This is DIS-Norge's help to you who are a beginner. But who knows, maybe there is something here that a experienced genealogist might have missed too.


Forgotten password

Have you forgotten your login? Enter your e-mail address in the text entry below to get the login information sent to your e-mail.


Are you unable to log in, or are you getting an error?

To be able to log in, it can take up to 3 hours after signing up.

Please check that the login information you have submitted is correct. Remember: No spaces and only lowercase letters.

The username starts with either dn if you are a member, or a gj if you are a guest. It's followed by 5 numbers. Example: dn12345 / gj12345

The password starts with 3 numbers followed by 3 letters. Example: abc123

Unfortunatly, it's not possible to change your login information. However, it's possible to get your browser to remember it for you.

Still not having any luck?
Feel free to contact us at kontor@disnorge.no or call us at +47 22 42 24 00 (our offices are open Mon-Fri 9 am-3 pm, UTC+01.00)



DISmap is a geographic entrance to some of DIS-Norge's web-services.