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About DIS-Norge

DIS-Norge, The Genealogy Society of Norway-DIS, is the largest association for genealogists in Norway, with over 10000 members. DIS-Norge was founded on January 12th, 1990.  The mission of the association is to create a nationwide forum for family and personal history in which computers and the Internet are used as aid.  It's mission includes spreading knowledge about this effort and encouraging genealogical research in Norway.

DIS-Norge has a board of 10 that is elected at biannual congress. Our office is located in Oslo. The staff is headed by an office manager, and we also have one full time and one part-time employees.

Our membership magazine, Slekt og Data (Genealogy and Data), is a magazine with a variety of content that will be of interest to all genealogy and local history enthusiasts. The magazine is published four times a year. Members can read all past issues on our website.

DIS-Norge has two main committees, one for the internet and one for related genealogy study activities. In addition, major projects are established as needed. Current projects are "Gravminner i Norge" (Grave Stones in Norway) and Indexing of Parish Register. We also establish groups for more limited initiatives; DIStreff (DIS meeting) and implementing “recommendations to genealogists for bequeathing research materials” are present activities.

We are also involved in:
•    finding new sources for publication on the net
•    promoting ethical guidelines for the association and for related genealogical research activities
•    assisting beginners in genealogy

We have made abook about how to produce stories from your genealogical research, focusing on producing, not only collecting.

We have 18 sections covering all the counties in Norway. Members are registered at DIS-Norge and then affiliated to a section. Members in each section coordinate the local activity of the association.  They organize meetings, workshops, and courses. Those activities that take place in each section are announced on the DIS-Norge site.

Most sections are involved in listing of grave sites  and parish registration. This is a huge volunteer activity that is coordinated by DIS-Norge in order to obtain easier access to the sources for all genealogists. The work related to parish registers is undertaken in cooperation with the National Archive (Riksarkivet).

We have organized our work using the Internet and email for many purposes. Genealogy Forum (Slektsforum – a query board) and DISchat are services that allow contact between the members and where answers to questions about genealogy and any issue related to genealogy can be obtained.

We are affiliated with oneof Norway's cultural heritage associations, Norges Kulturvernforbund.  We have good cooperation with the National Archive of Norway (Riksarkivet).  We work together with other Scandinavian  genealogy associations  through NORDGEN.