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Cemeteries in Norway - Gravminner i Norge

Burial sites and cemeteries are under continuous change. Remember to check when current graveyard has been completed.
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Thombstone-registration makes it easier for genealogists to find out where named individuals are buried, and to find birth and death dates of the deceased relatives when oral sources or newer church records are not available. The aim of the Thombstone-project is to register personal information, photograph all tombstones on Norwegian burial sites and through this preserve, document and disseminate this part of our history.

Thombstones being photographed and recorded will always be available, even on the day the tombstone is physically removed from the graveyard. Tombstone-registration safeguards important cultural heritage and make the recent history available to everyone.

The Thombstone-registration includes the following three sub-activities:

  • Photographing and then digital transcription of information on thombstones in Norwegian graveyards.
  • Digital transcription of information in paper-based burial registers (protocols or indexes) at Norwegian parish authorities etc.
  • Reception and facilitation of database-driven burial registers from Norwegian parish authorities.etc.

The results of all subtasks are gathered in a national thombstone-database on DIS-Norway, Genealogy and Data' server and made accessible through the webservice "Gravminner i Norge" ("Tombstones in Norway"). The service makes it possible to search burial information at the individual database and show a picture of the tombstone, if placed. The project for thombstone-registration has prepared detailed guidelines for the entire enterprise. Contact with the churchwardens and the publishing of burial and thombstone-information on the Internet is based on collected permits.

A success story!
The database is made up of volunteers over time and currently has over 2.5 million registered items and unique photographs of gravestones. Access to censuses and church records are restricted in the period after 1900. The thombstone database fills this void and has since its inception in 2004 had nearly 100 MILLION searches.

Voluntary commitment and volunteer efforts
Thombstones are under continuous work and the database is not complete. The Thombstone database is a huge volunteer project. Behind the thombstones are thousands of hours of volunteer work to collect and make available our common history.

Support the work and help us to make the base even better:

  • Become a member: The database is open and available for anyone looking for their ancestors, regardless of membership. As a member you become part of the largest and leading supporting organization for genealogists. As a member you become part of an academic community and networks that can help you find the history of your ancestors. The organization quarterly magazine is available at our website for members only
  • Attending the co-work: The Thombstones-registration are under continuous work. It is a goal to photograph and record all the thombstones in Norwegian cemeteries. The more people who contribute the better the database will be. If you want to participate in the work, you are welcome to contact one of our local branches.
  • Make a donationAll financial support will be used to further develop and improve the thombstone database. If you are not a member you still have an opportunity to support this important project, via donation using PayPal. You decide the amount. Everything helps. Use your PayPal account or credit card to make a donation. You can choose whether to log into your PayPal account or donate directly from your credit card (PayPal account is not needed). Thank you in advance for your support!

DIS-Norway, Genealogy and Data - We make genealogy easier
The Thombstone database is an open and free service DIS-Norway offers to make genealogy easier for its own members - and everyone else looking for their ancestors. The Thombstone database is founded on voluntary commitment and voluntary willingness and currently receives no form of financial aid. The project has previously received a one-time grant from the Norsk Kulturråd (Norwegian Cultural Council)The Thombstone Registration has been an official priority in DIS-Norway, Genealogy and Data since April 2004. The Thombstone database is DIS-Norway's most significant contribution to preserve perishable cultural heritage.