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Genealogical Tools

A genealogist gets usually further in their research by using good tools. DIS-Norway has developed some services, took over other ones and give advice for the choice in some situations.

Very often, a genealogist ask questions that he himself can not answer. We recommend that you post this question on the Genealogy Forum, where there are many other genealogists who are also willing to help with problems and search for answers on their own tricky questions.

To engage in genealogy some geographical knowledge will be essential. If you select Map input you will get a map of Norway, then you can select the county of your choice and furthermore the municipality of choice. You can choose to search in several of our services in the county you have selected or you can select the municipality. Note that the county map shows all the municipalities and the communities that are neighboring communities.

Genealogical resources are a collection of links that are useful for genealogical researchers. It is the most comprehensive collection of links to genealogical sources in Norway, but have also extensive sections on other countries in the world that can be of interest for norwegian genealogists and other researchers with norwegian ancestors. Do you know a source that is not listed, please send an email about this to lenker@disnorge.no

Are there others who are researching the same persons as I? DIStreff can help you to answer this question.

We have our own chat service DISchat. There you will find other genealogists who discuss genealogical issues, while also living a social life onthe net. Try to ask there for help if you get stuck when reading a parish register entry.

Our genealogical magazine for members; "Genealogy and Data", has many articles on both genealogy, history, data and technology. Check older editions, maybe there is material you can use them too.

If you have relatives in other Nordic countries, the meanings of words and concepts can be very different. Therefore, we have developed a Nordic dictionary that will contain the words a genealogist will be working with in the Nordic countries. If you have suggestions for new words? Send email to ordbok@nordgen.com

A genealogist needs a Family Program. There are many to choose from and we give you some advice on how you can make your choice.

The Genealogist Database is a list of genealogical researchers who have noted that they work in specific geographical areas, sometimes this is shown down to farm level in the different municipalities. Check the chart to find others who might be able to assist you in your further search of relatives.