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Maps of old times and present.

DIS- Norway has cooperated with Statens kartverk about scanning and publishing of the countymaps from the 1800s. More information on this and links to the maps can be found under "Amtskart" in left side menu. You can also find a old militarymap of Enebakk in Akershus county.

Below you'll find links to useful map resources on internet. If you have recommendations to other maps or webpages of interest, please click the link at the bottom of the page.

kart.statkart.no/adaptive2/default.aspx Statens kartverk
ngis2.statkart.no/norgesglasset/default.html Norgesglasset (Statens kartverk)
digitalarkivet.no/norkart/ Kart over prestegjeld, amt og kjøpstader i 1801-teljinga, og med kommuneinndelinga i 1979
www.byarkivet.oslo.kommune.no/article68754-961.html  Verktøy for slektsgranskere - kart over Kristiania med menighetsgrenser 1911
maps.google.com Google Kart
maps.yahoo.com  Yahoo! Maps
www.openstreetmap.org OpenStreetMap