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Archives Canada
Canada Census indexes 1901 1906 1911 1852CA 1851NB
Canada folketellinger (census) - gratis indexer søkbare
Canada GenWeb Project
Canadian Genealogy & History
Canadian Genealogy Database
Canadian Genealogy Web Ring
Canadian Geographical Names Data Base (CGNDB)
Canadas Geografiske NavneDataBase (CGNDB); 350000 tidligere og nåværende stedsnavn.
Oversikt over folketellinger for over 20 land, flest fra USA og Canada.
Emigranter fra Alta og Vadsø via Trondheim til USA og Canada, 1867 - 1925
(Virker ikke!! 21.12.09)
Emigrants to Canada (history and some linkes)
Folketellingen 1881 for Canada
Inneholder 4.3 millioner individer.
Genforum Canada
Søketjeneste for Canada, passasjerlister og immigrasjonsdokument-
International Vital Records Handbook av Thomas Jay Kemp
At one time or another all of us need copies of birth, marriage, or death certificates for drivers licenses, passports, jobs, social security, family history research, or for simple proof of identify. But the requirements and fees needed to obtain copies of vital records vary from state to state and from country to country, often requiring a time-wasting exchange of correspondence before the appropriate forms can be obtained. The International Vital Records Handbook puts an end to all that, as it offers complete, up-to-date information on how and where to request vital records. It also includes copies of the application forms, where available, thus simplifying and speeding up the process by which vital records are obtained.
National Archives of Canada
Nasjonalarkivet, bl.a. med egne sider for slektsforsking (Genealogy).
Prince Edward Island Census 1841 and 1891
Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
Statsarkivet i New Brunswick i Canada, med egne sider for slektsforsking og søking i registre.
Search on Immigration Records (1925-1935) in Canada
The Canadian Genealogy Centre
Was established to assist those seeking information on the vessels which brought their ancestors to their new home, be that the United States, Canada, Australia, or another part of the world. Some ships passenger lists, schedules, wreck data, and other information which is not readily available, has been collected, along with links to other sites of interest.
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Strömstad - Manntall
Lyngen / Lyngen, 1879-1890, skannet ministerialbok
Svenska släktforskarlänkar
Skifteregister for Troms, 1690-1805

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