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InnleggSkrevet: 20 Des 2005 03:26:02    Tittel: Fw: LAVERS-LAVIS-leLIÈVRE research/origins Svar med Sitat

Hello Roger LeBlanc;

This email is in response to the email you sent me 3 or more weeks ago,
from GEN-MEDIEVAL. Thanks for responding to my post.

Below you had mentioned a Guillaume leLIEVRE, born about
circa 1607. The thing is the timeline circa 1607.
Some of these years in France are off by 25-50 years.
Is this the only surname leLIEVRE that you have with this family.
All leLIEVRE are interconnected together.
Its a means of connecting the names together,
and then finding out were the relation is.

Do you have any other info regarding the Jacques leLIEVRE?
Did he have a nephew named Martin?
Or did Guillaume have a nephew named Martin?
Or could Guillaume have been an Uncle or Cousin
of a Nicholas leLIEVRE.

LAVERS Family memory states { on this side of the family }:

They were descended from Mediteranean Teutonic knights in armour.
They left Constantinople around 1380, went to Greece
then Italy 1425, imigrated to France 1460.
By 1560-1565 around 3 brothers ( or 2 brothers and a sister )
went or imigrated to England.
Including an older brother of Christopher LAVERS.
One brother went to Cornwall, England.
Another brother went to Somerset, England.
Possibly, Liecestershire - it is said was seated there, until 1914.

During the night of August 1572 - St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre,
somewhere in the area of Saint Malo, Brittany, France,
this LAVERS (or leLIEVRE) family, Christopher LAVERS -
it is said was 16 years of age.
1572 minus 16 years = he was born 1556 in France.

{ Nicholas / Nichi LAVERS who married a Joann~~ parish registers
and Bishops Transcripts, with IGI records prove this.
Professional Genealogists photocopied a certain number of these
records for me, located in DEVON.}

escaped persecution, with that which they could pile into an unknown
size fishing boat, into the British Channel Islands, Jersey.
It is said, they were falsely placed amongst the Huguenot movement.
They were of Catholic descent. At first they were housed in
Church crypts on Jersey as Undertakers - Grave Keepers.

Christopher LAVERS {Nicholas/Nichi} x Joann Jersey
There are no LAVERS in the Channel Islands. Only the family of:
Michel leLIEVRE and Jeanne leGENDRE - records prove this.
This is the brother of Pasquier leLIEVRE.
leLIEVRE is French for LEVER, which matches LAVERS.
It is said, that Christopher's father and mother died 1615,
and is buried on JERSEY.
There is a matching name of Nicholas or Nichi.
The name is Nicholas leLIEVRE. He's not the son of Michel.
He's the son of Michel's brother Pasquier leLIEVRE.
Before I can connect this family of leLIEVRE with LAVERS
I have to find out.

My final search is: I need a Death Date. Or matching names.

Martin leLIEVRE x Sainte CHAUVEAU
- father/mother of Michel and Pasquier, grandfather of Nicholas
died March 1611 unknown France or Channel Islands
the brothers, called Uncles of Christopher LAVERS
??? Michel, Jean, Johannes or Joanna,
Guillaume (William) leLIEVRE
the older brother of Christopher LAVERS
??? Mathry or Antoine leLIEVRE x Barbe MARQUIS

When I find this information, I then can connect this information.
I already have numerous dynasties of knights, already correctly
connected together. Which may be the Dynasties of:
Bretagne (Brittany); Dauphine; Martrois; de Levis; etc.
Which goes down to Robert / Rupert IV the Strong de LEVES:
Eudes - [this is the descent] x Engletrude / Theodoreda =
Oda/Ermentrude x Charles II the Bald
Prince Guy de LEVES [Descent]
Richard / Ingelger descent Plantegeanet
Richilde / Adelaide x Witchin
Robert I x 1. Adele x 2. Beatrix of Vermondois
This goes down to: Dagobert I de LEVES or Radobertus I
second LEVES Christian
This goes down to: Clovis I de LEVES
first LEVES Christian
Then further back than above.
Joseph de Levi - Pharisee of Arimathea
half brother of Joshua, Son of Man, King of Israel, Shiloh
who later went to Marseilles, France than to:
Glastonbury tor Somerset, England.

I plan on typing out a Brief/Lengthy Query, within several weeks,
early January 2006. There may those who might reject it.

Thanks Again;
Bill Lavis, 44 years age
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

----- Original Message -----
From: "Roger LeBlanc" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2005 1:17 PM
Subject: Re: LAVERS-LAVIS-leLIÈVRE research/origins

I'm afraid I have no answers for you, but I have a Guillaume LeLièvre
born circa 1607, the son of Jacques LeLièvre/Antoinette Bougard of the
Honfleur or Dieppe region of Normandie, and was wondering if they can be
connected to this family.

Roger LeBlanc
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InnleggSkrevet: 20 Des 2005 19:47:01    Tittel: Re: Fw: LAVERS-LAVIS-leLIÈVRE research/origin s Svar med Sitat

Sorry, but I have no further information that might be useful to you.

Good luck with your research.

Roger LeBlanc
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