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Ble registrert: 31 Mai 2006 01:50:42
Innlegg: 6246
Bosted: USA

InnleggSkrevet: 09 Jun 2008 20:27:58    Tittel: Research sites when you search in America for Family . . . . Svar med Sitat

I compiled all these research helps for a handout at a workshop I helped give in Minneapolis, Minnesota in May. I will continue to add to the list as I find sites. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me off this message board at the email address below.

Compiled by Margit Bakke, Flom, Minnesota
Research Helps .html

Check with your local library (in America), most subscribe to Heritagequest, which has many biographical books online and census records up to 1920 that are searchable. Usually access is free and can be easily accessed from your home computer with a library card number.
Buy a Norwegian Dictionary, one of the best is "Norwegian-English Dictionary" by Einar Haugen. I use the "Engelsk blå ordbok" Engelsk-norsk / norsk-engelsk also. I also will use the "Engelsk/Dansk/Norsk Ordbog" by Martin Ulvestad from 1895 on occasion.

Illinois Biographies online
Illinois Genweb
Multipe Searchable Databases in Illinois

LaCrosse, Wisconsin Public Library Local Genealogy Indexes
Obituaries (1904-1959) & (1983-Present)
Births - by Parents' Name (1987-Present)
Divorces (1992-Present)
Marriages (1987-Present)
Cemeteries (La Crosse County, WI)
Waushara County Baptisms 1853-1880 MTMORRIS&spraak=n&metanr=2115
Western Wisconsin Scandinavian Obituaries
Wisconsin Biographies online
Wisconsin Genweb
Wisconsin Marriage - Bio's - Birth & Death Records up to 1907
Wisconsin 15th Volunteer Infantry The Scandinavian Regiment

Chickasaw County, Iowa Baptisms 1857-1876 SAUDE&spraak=n&metanr=1938
Iowa Biographies online
Iowa Genweb
Scott County, Iowa Local Indexes to Search
Winnebago County, Iowa Baptisms 1864-1891 mtpleas&spraak=n&metanr=1922
Winnebago County, Iowa Baptisms 1868-1890 Mtpleasa&spraak=n&metanr=1923
Winnebago County, Iowa Confirmations 1868-1890 Mtpleasa&spraak=e&metanr=1921
Worth County, Iowa Baptisms 1853-1881 chiaworb&spraak=n&metanr=1917
WPA 1930 Graves Registration Project

Birth Records 1900-1934 plus some pre 1900
Dalby Database - Bio's - Cemeteries - Records:
Death Records 1904-2001
Faribault County, Minnesota Baptisms 1859-1889 blueeart&spraak=n&metanr=1921
Fillmore County, Minnesota Baptisms 1854-1883 CHMNFILB&spraak=n&metanr=1536
Fillmore County, Minnesota Confirmations 1860-1885 Chmnfilc&spraak=n&metanr=1780
Fillmore County, Minnesota Marriages 1856-1896 vi21001859fillmoreMN&spraak=e&metanr=3786
Lakewood Cemetery - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lots of Norwegians buried in this cemetery.
Minnesota Biographies online /countyindex.html /bioindex.html
Minnesota Genweb
Minnesota Place Names (Places and old names in Minnesota - searchable)
Norman County, Minnesota Obituary Lookups itbooks.html
Pennington County, Minnesota Historical Society
Pope County, Minnesota Baptisms 1869-1880 dp21001871popeMN&spraak=e&metanr=3785
Thief River Falls, Minnesota Obituaries online
Note: Do not go by the dates, the obits go back to 1998 I believe
Watonwan County, Minnesota Baptisms 1873-1891 ODIN&spraak=n&metanr=2116

South Dakota:
Akaska, South Dakota History Book 1907-1957
Baptisms Little Rock Norwegian Lutheran Church 1889-1908 LitRock&spraak=e&metanr=1708
Baptisms Lone Rock Norwegian Lutheran Church South Dakota LONEROCK&spraak=e&metanr=1700
Births 1876-1906 Oslo Norwegian Lutheran Church Moody County, South Dakota OSLOmood&spraak=e&metanr=1777
Bowdle, South Dakota Centennial Book 1886-1986
Bowdle, South Dakota History Book 1886-1961

Delmont, South Dakota Centennial Book, 1886-1986
Eureka, South Dakota Centennial Book 1887-1987
Eureka, South Dakota Golden Jubilee Book 1887-1937
Herreid, South Dakota Diamond Jubilee Book 1901-1976
Hosmer, South Dakota Centennial Book 1887-1987
Ipswich, South Dakota Anniversary 75th Book 1883-1958
Ipswich, South Dakota Centennial Book 1883-1983
Java, South Dakota Centennial Memories 1900-2000
Java, South Dakota Diamond Jubilee Book 1900-1975
Leola, South Dakota Centennial Book 1884-1984
Marriages in Oslo Norwegian Lutheran Church Moody County, South Dakota OSLOMARR&spraak=e&metanr=1901
Mina, South Dakota Centennial Book 1883-1983
Oslo N Luth Church Cemetery Moody County, South Dakota krkoslosd&spraak=e&metanr=2475
Roscoe, South Dakota Centennial Book 1883-1983
Selby, South Dakota Centennial Book 1900-2000
Selby, South Dakota Golden Anniversary Book 1900-1950
South Dakota Archives
South Dakota Biographies online
South Dakota Births over 100 years ago
South Dakota Genweb
Tolstoy, South Dakota Diamond Jubilee Book 1907-1982
Tombstones Bethania Church Cemetery Moody County, South Dakota Bethania&spraak=e&metanr=2121

North Dakota:
Cass County, ND Divorce Records 1870's to 1942
Cass County, ND Marriages March 1872 - July 1944
Cass County, ND Probate Indexes 1870's to 1944
Fargo Forum Obituaries Index 1892-1908 1984-1995
Grand Forks County, North Dakota Marriages November 1875 to June 30, 1925
McHenry County, North Dakota Biographies
North Dakota Biographies Online
North Dakota Biographical Database
North Dakota Death Indexes 1881 -
North Dakota Genweb
North Dakota is very progressive, they have all census records online at each County website.
North Dakota Naturalizations
North Dakota Partial 1885 Census
State Archives and Historical Research Library
- will make copies and send for $5
Stjordalen, North Dakota Baptisms 1882-1912 stjorbap&spraak=n&metanr=1983
Stjordalen, North Dakota Deaths 1886-1952 stjordea&spraak=n&metanr=1984
Stjordalen, North Dakota Marriages 1882-1930 stjormar&spraak=n&metanr=1985

Billings, Montana Early Directories
Billings, Montana Vital Statistics 1882-1901 from local Newspapers
Montana Death Indexes Pre 1900 - 2002 0000584978&o_lid=0000584978
Montana Genweb
Montana Searchable Newspaper Index

Ask a Librarian (Great free resource for obituaries in Washington State)
Camano - Stanwood Area Washington Obituary Index
Kittitas County, Washington Obituaries
Tacoma, Washington Obituary Index - (free to search, cost money to order)
Washington Genweb
Washington State Digital Archives

Alberta, Canada Resources
Atlantic Provinces, Canada Resources
British Columbia, Canada Cemetery Finding Aid
British Columbia, Canada Free Genealogy Databases online,Marriages ,Deaths
Basic Search on The Births Registration Index: 1872 to 1903, events up to 1903 (see note).
Basic Search on The Marriage Registration Index: 1872 to 1932, events over 75 years old.
Basic Search on The Death Registration Index: 1872 to 1987, events over 20 years old.
Basic Search on The Colonial Marriage Index: 1859 to 1872.
Basic Search on The Baptisms Index: events over 120 years old.
Canadian Biographies online - Free & Searchable
Canadian Census Records 1901-1906-1911 (Free Searchable)
Canadian Free 1881 Census /search_census.asp
Immigrants to Canada
Manitoba, Canada Resources
Manitoba, Canada Vital Records Search
Births (more than 100 years ago)
Marriages (more than 80 years ago)
Deaths (more than 70 years ago)
More cemeteries in British Columbia and Other Resources
New Brunswick, Canada Resources
Newfoundland, Canada Resources
Northwest Territories, Canada Resources
Nova Scotia, Canada Resources
Nunavut, Canada Resources
Ontario, Canada Resources
Prince Edward Island, Canada Resources
Quebec, Canada Resources
Saskatchewan, Canada Resources
Saskatchewan, Canada Vital Records Search
Births (more than 100 years ago)
Deaths (more than 70 years ago) Currently includes deaths that occurred prior to 1917. Other years wil be added as they become available.
Marriages (more than 75 years ago) Not yet available. Work on this index will commence after the index of deaths has been completed.
Searchable Canadian Archives age=eng (searches all databases at once)
Some Canadian Obituaries
Yukon, Canada Resources

General Research Sites:
Arizona History & Archives-Out-of-state off-site patrons will be allowed up to one-half hour of free research once every four months.

Bureau of Land Management - General Land Office Records
Cemeteries online
English Entrance to Norwegian Records online
Family History Archives (Searchable Books online)
Family Search Labs-Very new, unique and free! (LDS)
Free Genealogy searches and databases
Free Online Ellis Island Search
Google Books-has books online, some genealogy
LDS Familysearch Site
(Careful with information from this site, not always trustworthy without sources)
Newspapers online
New York Times free Search from 1981
Norwegians in the 1850 Census in America-Free US1850&spraak=e&metanr=1681
Norwegians in the 1860 Census in America-Free ft21001860&spraak=e&metanr=3246
Norwegian Mailing Lists to join
Obituaries online-United States
(Another great way to find obituaries is to find a newspaper online from the area the person has died at. Most newspapers online keep archives and several of them are free to view)
Olaf Kringhaug's Translation of Ulvestad - Norwegian Immigrants in America .html
Online Norwegian Dictionary
Ships & Passenger Lists
Town Searches in the USA
United States GenWeb Archives
USGenWeb Archives National Search Engines
(You can search all the archives at one time)

Dis Norge-Norwegian Resources online:
[Aust-Agder] - [Buskerud] - [Finnmark] - [Hedmark] - [Hordaland] - [Møre og Romsdal] - [Nordland] - [Nord-Trøndelag] - [Oppland] - [Oslo/Akershus] - [Rogaland] - [Sogn og Fjordane] - [Sør-Trøndelag] - [Telemark] - [Troms] - [Vest-Agder] - [Vestfold] - [Østfold] - [Svalbard]
(Click on one of the fylker listed above and you will be sent to the page with all the resources for that area of Norway that are online)
Searching the 1865, 1875 and 1900 censuses for Norway:
(Less is better when searching this census, use Joh for John/Johan and Pe for Petersen/Pedersen/Pedersd)

Free 1880 Census records of Norwegians in the 1880 census records:
Norwegians in Dakota according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in Illinois according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in Iowa according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in Kansas according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in Michigan according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in Minnesota according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in Nebraska according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in Wisconsin according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in Texas according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in Nevada according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in New Hampshire accord. to 1880 Census
Norwegians in New Jersey according to 1880 Census
Norwegians in New Mexico according to 1880 Census emnenr=&aar=&dagens=&fylkenr=21
Less is better when searching these records, for example, lets search for John Nysetvold who we know was born in Norway 1850 and lives in Minnesota. We will click on Norwegians in Minnesota 1880. Instructions:
1-Under A, click on the down arrow and you get a new menu, scroll down and choose Last name
2-Under B, click on the down arrow and you get a new menu, scroll down and choose contains
3-Under C, type in Nyset and then click search, you will get a new page
4-On that page are two names: (It is Mother and son)
Given name Last name Sex Age Occupation Birth place Father birth place Mother birth place Page Circuit County State
78952 John Nysetvold m 30 N N N 273 Fossum Polk Minnesota
78953 Kari Nysetvold f 56 mo widow N N N 273 Fossum Polk Minnesota
Click on the number to the left of John's name and you will see who their neighbors are in the 1880 census. They are actually living in Norman County of Minnesota, BUT Norman County was not in existence until 1882.

Norwegian Churchbooks online:
Choose English at the top of the page. Then on the left side choose "User's guide" and it will give you instructions on how to use the records. When you get into the actual records, the instructions below should help you with saving the information to your computer or sending the permanent page site to someone to help with translation of record.

Instructions for Reading Norwegian Churchbooks and to Bookmark them:
The links to the scanned images on the Digitalarkivet Churchbooks can be copied and pasted from the actual page from the display option available. At the top of the scanned image page is the option labeled Bildeinformasjon: (Norwegian version)/Image Information (English version( which is set to Ingen (Norwegian version) and means None in English. There are 3 choices and of the three choices I like Øverst (Norwegian version) which means On Top in English because it puts the information across the top of the page and is easier to see.
The first line Kildeinformasjon: (Norwegian version)/Source information (English version) is a really nice summary of the source of the information and is wonderful to have for making detailed source citations, footnotes, etc.
The second line Permanent sidelenke: (Norwegian version)/Permanent pagelink (English version) is the best line to capture if you want to save the exact URL location or share the actual scanned image and the source information. It allows the full capabilities for zooming in and out to best view the image and informs the recipient of the exact location, book and other details to be able to find the place you found the information.
The third line Permanent bildelenke: (Norwegian version)/Permanent imagelink (English version) is the one to use to print a copy of the image or to save a copy of the image in jpg format. This line will not capture the source information and therefore is not the line to copy to share online when requesting help or assistance in translating the image found.

Information and Search on Cemeteries in Norway (Choose English)

Instructions for searching the Emigrants from Trondheim database (Norwegian version):
(Example: You are searching for Petra Stavset who left Norway in 1882)

First, Go here: (Norwegian Version) EMITROND&spraak=n&metanr=1396

1. Type in 1882 in the blank box.
2. To the left of the blank box you typed information into, are two pull-down menus. Click on the one that says Posttype (Rec. class.) and hold your mouse on there till you see many variables, go to År (Year) and let go.
3.Next go to the next pull down box to the right of it and hold your mouse on it and click, let go at Inneheld (Contains).
4.Then click on Søk (Search). A new page will come up and it will tell you that 6,689 people left in 1882.
5.A new search box shows up below your original search box, type in Petr in the blank box.
6. In the left drop-down box, click on it till you get to fornavn (first name), then let go. Next go to the next pull down box to the right of it and hold your mouse on it and click, let go at børjar på (starts with). Click Søk (Search).
7.You will get a new page with all the first names that start with Petr.
8.A new search box shows up under your other two search boxes, type in St in the blank, where it says Posttype (Rec. class.) click on it and choose etternamn (last name) and in the next box, click on it and choose børjar på (starts with) (you never know what name they used or how they spelled it in the records, so less is better).
9.Then click on Søk (Search). You will get a new page!
10. On it you will find three names, Stavset, Strinden and Størset. Click on the blue number to the left side of Petra. You will get a new page showing Petra Stavset in the Emigrant records and all the other people who were leaving at the same time as her.
English version of the Trondheim Emigration list: EMITROND&spraak=e&metanr=1396

Special Norwegian characters:
(Here's how you type those special Norwegian characters on your computers)
For Mac Users
å = Alt/Option Key and a
Å = Alt/Option Key and A with Shift down
æ = Alt/Option Key and apostrophe
Æ = Alt/Option Key and apostrophe with shift down
ø = Alt/Option Key and o
Ø = Alt/Option Key and O with Shift down

Installing Norwegian Keyboard (Windows users)
1. Choose Start - Settings - Control Panel.
2. Double-click on Keyboard icon.
3. Click on Language tab.
4. Click on Add.
5. From Add Language drop-down list, choose Norwegian (Bokmal).
6. Click OK.
7. Click Apply. [You may need to insert your Windows disk]
8. Click OK to finish.

With Num Lock "on", hold down Alt key and type using your numeric keypad (not number keys at top of keyboard)
Alt 0216 = Ø
Alt 0248 = ø
Alt 0198 = Æ
Alt 0230 = æ
Alt 0197 = Å
Alt 0229 = å
Alt 0214 = Ö
Alt 0246 = ö

MAP-Norway Fylker (districts) and Kommuner (municipalities): (Map available at this site, Click the individual Fylke in order to see the Kommuner)

Aftenposten Online (In English)

Good Background information on Kommune’s over the years and how and when the names changed.

Who is searching the same area of Norway as you? (You will need to register and it is free)

Some are Searchable Databases:
Advanced Searching of the 1865/1875/1900 Census
American Memory (Library of Congress)
Andebu, Oppland, Norway Bygdebøk Online (Searchable)øk/
Arkivnett Oppland, Norway
Ål, Buskerud, Norway Bygdebøk Online
Bokmålsordboka og Nynorskordboka (Bokmål & Nynorsk Dictionaries)
Borre, Vestfold, Norway Bygdebøk Online (Look under Gårdhistorie for Informaton) rie

Castle Garden-Free Database with Records from 1830-1892
Census Abbreviations used in the online 1865/1875/1900 Census ml
Civil War Rosters (Arranged by State)
Cleaning Gravestones Properly
Cyndi’s List - Norway/Norge
Dating Old Photographs
Dictionary Online Norwegian to English / English to Norwegian
Digital Archives English Entrance ngar&spraak=e
Digitalarkivet - 1801 Norwegian census emnenr=2&spraak=e
Digitalarkivet - 1865 Norwegian census emnenr=3
Digitalarkivet - 1875 Norwegian census (Not Complete) emnenr=4
Digitalarkivet - 1900 Norwegian census emnenr=5
Dis America-American Resources online
DIS-Norge (Genealogy Society of Norway)
Distreff-Database to search the families of the Genealogy Society of Norway-Click on English
Duluth, Saint Louis County, Minnesota Obituary Index 1862-Present (Searchable & $2 for Obit) h
Easy Google Ancestor Search
Ellis Island-1892 to 1924 Immigrant Arrival and Passenger Records
(You will need to sign up for a user name and password, it is Free)
Examples of Old Handwriting
Fylkesarkivet-Sogn og Fjordane
Gjøvik og Toten, Oppland, Norway Slektshistorielag (Click on English)
Guide to Norwegian Bygdebøker, UND, Grand Forks, NDøk.htm l
Hemnes, Nordland, Norway Bygdebøk Online (Downloadable)
History of the Norwegian Settlements by Hjalmar Rued Holand (download 3800 Name Index pdf)
Jelsa, Rogaland, Norway Bygdebøk Jelsa I Gards og Ættesoga Online
Karmøy, Rogaland, Norway Bygdebok Online
Kviteseid, Telemark, Norway Bygdesoge Volume I Online
Kviteseid, Telemark, Norway Bygdesoge Volume II Online (Index & More)
Lier, Buskerud, Norway Bygdebøk Online
Masfjorden, Hordaland, Norway Masfjordboka, Bind II Online
Matrikkelutkastet av 1950 in Norway (Land Register in 1950)
NAGC & NL - Norwegian American Genealogical Center & Naeseth Library
NAHA - Norwegian American Historical Association, St Olaf College
Name Statistics in Norway (How common is your name?)
Nordmændene i America deres istorie og Rekord Online =211&gstorleik=
Norway in America (The bibliographical collections of Thor M. Andersen - Searchable)
Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad
Norwegian Emigrant Museum
Norwegian Farm Names by Olaf Rygh
Norwegian Historical Data Centre (English Entrance)
Norwegians in the Civil War (Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum)
Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church, Minneapolis, MN Mindekirken
Nøtterøy, Vestfold, Norway Bygdebøk Online (Searchable)øk/index.html
Old Searching with variables of the 1801 Norwegian Census
Rootsweb Obituary Daily Times
Sandeherred, Vestfold, Norway Bygdebøk Register Onlineøk/
Scanning Tips
Selbu, Sør Trøndelag, Norway Bygdebøk Online Bind III & IV (Searchable)øk/
Sigdal, Buskerud, Norway Emigration Lists 1839-1920 (Some are still online) n.htm
Sem og Slagen, Vestfold, Norway Bygdebøk Online (Searchable
Stokke, Vestfold, Norway Bygdebøk Online (Searchable)øk/index.html
Storjorden og Hattfjelldalens Bebyggelse Online (Nordland)
The Promise of America-Norwegian Emigration to America & Norwegian-American History 1825-2000
Tjømø, Vestfold, Norway Bygdebøk Register Onlineøk/index.html
Trønderlag Genealogy Sources
Trøndelag Farm Pictures
Tromsøysund, Troms, Norway Bygdebøk Online
University of Minnesota Libraries, Norwegian Bygdebøker
Wisconsin Newspapers Online (Use to check for current obituaries)

Norwegian Maps (Choose English if available)

Old Disease Names & Definitions
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