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Please help us make Gravminner / the DIS headstone database even better!

Gravminner - the Norwegian name of the DIS Headstone database - is an indispensable tool for all genealogists. It is a free service which DIS-Norway provides to make genealogy easier for its own members - or for anyone else who is looking for their ancestors. Gravminner - the Headstone database - is a huge volunteer project which does not receive any form of financial support. 

By donating via PayPal non-members are now also able to help make the database even better - for our joint benefit. Any financial support will be used to further develop and improve Gravminner - the Headstone database.

Gravminner has been created purely by volunteers.  It has currently over 2.5 million registered items, as well as unique photographs of gravestones from all over Norway. Since its inception in 2004 Gravminner has had more than a hundred million hits. Gravminner provides a unique opportunity to find relatives in the period after 1900 where access to censuses and church records is limited. The Gravminne database is changing continuously and its content increases by the day.

Do support us via PayPal.
All financial support will be used to further develop and improve the Gravminne database - to the joy of all genealogists, also non-members. You’ll decide yourself the amount you want to donate. Every little helps. Use your PayPal account or your credit card to donate. To donate, click on the “Donate”  button on the right of this page and follow the directions. You can choose whether to log into your PayPal account or donate directly from your credit card (You do NOT need a PayPal account). Thank you in advance for your kind support!

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If you are interested in genealogy and you are one of the many thousands who use the Gravminne database you are of course very welcome to join us as a member of DIS-Norway, Genealogy and Data.

About DIS-Norway, Genealogy and Data
The purpose of DIS-Norge is to create digital as well as local meeting places for anyone interested in family and personal history, to spread knowledge about this, and otherwise encourage conservation, documentation and dissemination of genus and personal stories. 

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